Dan Bilzerian achieved a lot in his life – a huge wealth, luxurious life and growing popularity worldwide. He is also known as The Instagram King and enjoys all the benefits of luxury living. But what each of us wants to know is the answer to the question: How did he do it? That’s exactly what we reveal in this article.

Dan Bilzerian was not always as rich as he is today – but he was not poor either. Dan Bilzerian, along with his brother, who is also a professional poker player, got a trust fund from his father who was a businessman. After a short time, Dan Bilzerian gave a third of his trust fund for the bail of his father. After that Dan started the American training program Navy SEAL, which he left after a short time.

Dan Bilzerian began a career as a poker player, who won his present wealth through poker games. His professional career as a poker player enabled Dan Bilzerian to lead a more than a luxurious lifestyle – and this can be seen in all Instagram photos. From photos of yacht parties and expensive and modern cars to his adorable cat, Dan is always surrounded by a troupe of gorgeous women- and fans like it.

However, today’s multimillionaire was not always so successful in poker games. Dan Bilzerian started playing poker at the University of Florida but was not successful at the beginning. Dan went bankrupt and had to sell weapons he owned to raise more money. After earning money for games, he returned to Las Vegas and turned his $ 10,000 into $ 187,000.

Dan’s reputation spread quickly in the poker industry and this reputation led to a sponsorship at Victory Poker. He wanted to build an image for himself as a poker playboy and he did this in no time.

Today, Dan Bilzerian is famous for his parties and lavish lifestyle which he regularly shares on the social media. In this way, he gets even bigger support from his fans.

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