The story of Marie from Hamburg is quoted in a weekly news article. Within no time this became one of the most read articles. The message also received many responses on social media. Marie received a lot of support from total strangers thanks to the popularity of this article. She was really happy with this.

Marie is a 26-year old woman who lives in Hamburg. As a student she leads an ordinary life. She has a partner and she works part-time. Thanks to her part-time job Marie can continue to pay her study costs and save some money. Marie really loves cars which is rather remarkable for a woman of this age. She wants to keep informed about all various models.

Therefore, Marie is always looking for information about the latest models. Among other things, she uses social media for this. Throughout the years she has already obtained a lot of information with respect to the different car brands. And she is also familiar with the various features of these cars. However, she still wants to learn more so Marie can be regularly found in a car showroom in the area so she can view the various cars.

Unfortunately her last visit was not a success. She was totally surprised but not in a pleasant way. She was just wandering through the showroom to view the various models when an employee approached her. She was kindly requested to leave the showroom. Initially Marie was that surprised that she did not know how to respond. But then she decided to ask the employee for an explanation. The employee was rather direct and said to her that she did not have enough money to wander around here.

Marie was very upset but also very angry and decided to go home. But when she came home she was still upset and she even wanted to quit her hobby. But when her story was published and became rapidly very popular, she changed her mind. A lot of people showed their support to Marie and Marie really appreciated this. There were a lot of comments on the behaviour of the employee. One should not accept this.

Till present day this story is still extremely popular and people from all over the world still comment on it, so Marie still receives a lot of support from all angles.

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